All-Time Favourite Tops and T-shirts

If you are a woman, you can never run out of tops or t-shirts. But yes, you can run out of styles if you hate to restock your wardrobe with new and trendy styles in women’s fashion. So, before you hesitate to shop for new styles, here is why you should always shop for more!

Women’s tops and t-shirts are the most common attire we like to wear for parties and work. With numerous patterns and prints, tops and t-shirts for women are very versatile everyday wear that you can wear with jeans, culottes, shorts, skirts, jackets etc.

The following is a list of all-time favourite tops and t-shirts you must try to be in style.

Crop tops:

Crop tops are very popular with young women. Crop tops are stylish tops that look gorgeous on women with slim bodies. While wearing a crop top, you can show off your belly stylishly and look attractive.

Crop tops are perfect for having fun in the summer. You feel breezy in a crop top and chinos while going shopping or running regular chores. You can wear a crop top with jeans or shorts to have fun at parties and vacations.

Halter tops:

The halter-neck top is a popular choice for women’s tops for the last few decades! With stylish cuts along the neck, halter-neck tops look elegant on women with broad shoulders and a heavy bust. So, wait not to have fun in a halter neck and a saree at weddings, parties and dates.

Some other trends in tops:

You can always go for V-neck work tops with an un-lined knit pattern. Wear them to work on busy Monday mornings with a tan blazer and black pants.

With chic tops like peplum tops, you can revamp your look for dates and parties. Peplum tops with floral prints are very trendy-looking tops. When you wear a peplum, you find a blend of both snug and breezy fit. The top portion of peplum tops is slightly tight compared to the bottom. You can ace a peplum top with a nice pair of jeans or shorts with chic heels in a silver tone.

Latest trends in t-shirts:

You must have a dozen t-shirts piled up in your wardrobe every year as they are indispensable for creating trendy styles fit for every occasion. It is easy to come up with hundred ways of styling your t-shirts every day!

When it comes to women’s t-shirts, a crew neck or round neck t-shirt is the most common. Round neck t-shirts are the easiest form of t-shirt that you can wear with shorts, trousers, jeans, chinos, skirts and jackets. You can wear an orange round-neck t-shirt with white shorts and sneakers while on casual outings or vacations.

Co-ord tees with a baggy fit are gaining quite a popularity. These are round-neck t-shirts with a matching set of pants made of cotton. They have a droopy shoulder line and short sleeves. Wear a co-ord t-shirt for a laidback look while binging at home or having a gala with old-time friends!

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Erin Crawley