Common questions to ask a customs broker before hiring them

Businesses have taken up to a global level as companies are now confident of transacting internationally. Companies that have followed proper compliance and rules of the overseas market are successfully enjoying the profits. All of this is possible for any company that wishes to take it to another level in the overseas market. You just need to hire a good customs broker to ensure smooth flow of goods from the dock.

Contacting a customs broker in Canada is simple as you have many good broking firms around. However, to ensure you are hiring the right professional, you must clarify your doubts and ask them questions. These questions will not only clear your doubts but, also help you to understand how a customs broker can help you in business including obtaining the ITN number request for Canada.

Ask the below questions to a customs broker before hiring them:

  • Do they have experience in handling several types of products for the importing to Canada?

This is highly critical as an experienced customs broking firm even knows what types of goods are allowed and what are banned in the overseas country. They must know the eligibility process and requirements for the goods to be processed abroad.

  • What system they follow to prepare for the customs?

Ensure that they follow the right norms and the firm dedicates one customs broker to you that knows your company and its business clearly. Having a dedicated customs broker to handle your importing formalities to Canada is always the best.

  • How frequently does the staff undergo training?

It is obvious that most will never give you an honest answer. The best solution to this is to ask questions related to customs broking and importing.  Their answers will help you understand their knowledge and experience.

  • Do they review the documents before submission?

Document verification is essential to avoid last minute hassle or errors. Ensure that you clarify this with them before hiring them.

  • Do they coordinate and update the clients on the progress of the customs process?

A good and professional broker is in constant touch with several teams like ocean carriers, warehouse operators, truckers, customs officers, and more to check the progress of the customs clearance. Thus, you must ensure that your customs broking firm follows this too.

  • Does the customs broking firm update their agents on any changes in the customs law?

From ITN number request for Canada to any other rules and regulations, a customs broker must know any changes that take place in the overseas scenario.

Lozano Janet