Guide explaining all about astrology

What is astrology?

Astrology is the study of planets, stars, and other celestial bodies that can predict events and activities related to an individual. Astrology studies the pattern of these celestial bodies and tries to link them with human experience.    Astrologers study the position of the planets when a person is born. By doing so, they can discern the characteristics of the individual.

The earthly events you may get to know with the help of astrology include relationships, career, and health. Many people use the Astrology app to know about their weekly or monthly horoscope. The app has professional astrologers who make reliable predictions about an individual by knowing the position of celestial bodies at the time of his birth.

The movement of the planets can also determine financial markets, current events, social trends, etc.  Astrologers can also know about your personality, characteristics, the field of interest, and other personal details with the help of a birth chart. Following this birth chart, a person may also get to know about the right time to marry, the profession that would suit him the best, etc.

What is the significance of Planets and other celestial bodies?

If you want to look at your astrology, the planets and luminous bodies give insights into your personal life and personality.

The sign through which a planet or luminary object moves reveals the characteristics of a specific month.

The symbolism of each celestial body is as follows:

  • Sun:

The sun is symbolic of confidence, self-esteem,  self-image, identity, and a sense of self.

  • Moon:

The moon is an emotional compass of the zodiac that shapes the sense of security, safety, intuition, values, etc.

  • Mercury:

Mercury is the messenger planet. It is symbolic of research, communication, and information-gathering.

  • Venus:

Venus is the planet of beauty and love. It influences money, relationships, passions, pleasure, art, and money.

  • Mars:

It is the go-getter planet that highlights energy and sexual expression. It also symbolizes how to take action.

  • Jupiter:

It is the planet of fortune, abundance, and luck.

  • Saturn:

This planet symbolizes rules and regulations, limitations and discipline.

  • Uranus:

The planet of breakthrough, rebellion, and change is Uranus. It also symbolizes the sudden occurrence of events.

  • Pluto:

This planet represents death, rebirth, transformation, and power.

North and South Nodes:

These points are always opposite to each other. The north node behaves as an astrological North Star symbolizing the karmic path to take in life, while the South Node denotes what you are already an expert in.

Rising sign/Ascendant:

The rising sign of an individual is the sign that ascended on the eastern horizon at his birth time. It upholds his skills and talents and the image he will have in his life. This sign also symbolizes the path the person may follow in life.

Some astrologers also consider the comet Chiron orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, asteroids like Juno, Vesta, and others, and the dwarf planet Ceres.

What is a birth chart?

The birth chart shows the various probable incidents and experiences that a person may have throughout his lifetime.

The astrological birth chart may be considered a roadmap offering individualistic guidelines throughout a person’s life. To understand this birth chart, you should understand the significance of planets, houses, signs, cycles, and aspects.

Similarly, my astrologer will check my birth chart to understand my attributes and features.

Is astrology considered to be science?

Astrology is more like pseudoscience. It falls under the category of metaphysics. It is the study of what is beyond the physical. It bears resemblance with other fields which are based on theories of energy patterns.

Astrology is a mastery of its intuitive art and particular science.

Other aspects of Astrology

  1. Zodiac Signs:

The belt of the zodiac within approximately 8° on either side of the circle defining the apparent path of the sun within the constellation over a year is equally divided into 12 signs called zodiac signs.  These signs have individual traits and features. People having the same zodiac sign share some common attributes.

  1. Houses:

Like zodiac signs, a birth chart has 12 houses each symbolizing a specific area of life. Based on the time of birth, an astrologer will be able to understand which house is under the influence of which celestial body. It will make it easy to understand the different spheres of life.

  1. Degrees:

It is like the exact planet address. Degrees play a role when you look at transits or in the daily horoscope.

  1. Aspects:

Aspect is how planets interact with each other. These relationships between planets and celestial bodies speak a lot about an individual’s personality and characteristics.

Final words

You can use the Astrology app to get expert advice from top astrologers. To know more about yourself, go for a detailed session and get to know more about yourself, your prospects, skills, etc.

Jacob Jose