Organizing a prom party with limo rental is meaningless

There is no graduation without a party. You have finished school, you have your high school diploma in your pocket and your future begins now. That needs to be celebrated properly, right? For an unforgettable prom and a bombastic graduation party, however, well thought-out planning is necessary.

Form a prom committee

Clearly, a graduation party cannot be organized by a single person. The tasks should be distributed within the grade and with the help of a prom committee. It makes sense to determine at the beginning of the last school year who would like to be part of the prom committee and thus take on the main responsibility for organizing the prom and the prom party. 

Determine the key dates of your graduation party

As soon as you have formed a committee, you should clarify the general conditions: when should the party take place? Are there already fixed program points? How many guests are you expecting? In addition to the students in your grade, will you invite other guests, for example from other schools? Depending on the number of guests, you can calculate the required budget in the next step. When setting the budget, remember that you often have to finance a certain part of the prom and the party yourself.

Collect money for the big party

Sure, a graduation party for hundreds of students costs money. How much budget you have available also depends on how you want to finance the party? It is therefore important that financing be clarified at an early stage. There are different ways to collect enough money. Of course, a combination can also be useful. Know that you can hire Toronto limo service at affordable prices. For sure, you do not have to break your piggy bank.

Search for suitable prom locations

Renting a disco is the easiest way to celebrate a graduation party. In existing party locations, there is no need to organize extra drinks, security personnel, admission controls or a DJ. It does not always have to be the all-round carefree package in the form of a disco – you can of course also rent an extra room for your graduation party. 

Think about the required conditions and permits

Depending on how you design your prom and your graduation party and where it takes place, you should check whether you need a permit from the public order office. For example, you need a liquor license if your graduation party is not taking place in a restaurant but in a barn or on the school grounds. It is also advisable to obtain permission from the public order office when using loudspeaker systems or fireworks. It is best to contact the school management or your parents if you are unsure whether permits are required for your graduation party.


Did you organize everything? Then you should now advertise properly with the help of flyers, posters and Facebook groups, so that not only your classmates but also other schools are aware of the party. The more guests come, the better the mood and the higher the income that you collect for your final trip.

Betty King