5 tips to stretch your game credit balance

Game credits and virtual currencies common in video games over the past decade. Whether you’re playing popular free-to-play games like Fortnite and Genshin Impact or using in-game currencies on console games and mobile apps, learning your credits your gaming experience. 

  1. Complete daily/weekly quests and events

Games these days offer daily and weekly rotating quests and events. Completing these activities rewards you with extra credits, loot boxes, cosmetics, and more. Make visiting the daily/weekly quest sections a regular part of your gaming routine. The rewards might feel small at first, but they add up over time. The tasks are usually simple, like “Play 3 Multiplayer Matches” or “Defeat 10 Enemies Using X Weapon.” Even if you only have 30 minutes to play in a day, be sure to knock out a couple of daily challenges. 

  1. Level up your character and account 

Leveling up your character or account is a built-in way to earn rewards over time. Pay attention to experience points (XP) and level requirements as you play. Try focusing gameplay on activities that grant more XP to speed up leveling. Reaching new tiers faster means hitting those credit and loot drops sooner. Even at the maximum level, high-tier accounts will often get better compensation from daily quests and promotions. There’s a major incentive to keep grinding XP regardless of your current level.

  1. Get gifting and refer friends

Online games thrive on community, so developers will often offer incentives for getting friends involved. Gifting in-game items and currency to friends is one common promotional tactic. Referral programs that reward you when friends sign up or make purchases are another popular approach. Keep an eye out for gifting and referral opportunities as you play. During the holidays and other peak times especially, there may be limited-time doubles, triples, or even 10x multiplier promos on gifted credits/items.  Referring friends when you know big sales or events are coming up is wise too you both get to capitalize on lucrative promotions. It maximizes the value of any referral perks.

  1. Watch advertisements and streams  

One credit buy top up ff termurah farming tactic that too many players skip out on is watching integrated video ads. Lots of mobile games and apps offer credits for voluntarily viewing advertisements. 15-30-second trailers for other games, movies, or products will play in exchange for 5-100 credits. It might not seem like much, but those bits of credit add up with regular ad viewing. If you play an hour a day, just watching 2 to 3 video ads while loading screens rack up a nice weekly balance.   Many competitive esports games also integrate live streaming now. Players earn special currency just for tuning into eligible streams and having a linked account.

  1. Check the in-game marketplace for sales

Most in-game shops run special sales or rotate discounted items on fixed schedules. Be sure to browse the marketplace tab regularly and grab credit deals when you see them.  Cosmetics you have your eye on for player customization may randomly go on sale for 30% off or more. Loot boxes with guaranteed rarities get major price cuts too. Limited-run items may suddenly get offered again for short windows as well.


Betty King