6 Tips to Have a Welcoming Living Room

The living room is where we will entertain our guests and spend quality time with friends and family. So, we can clearly understand the possibility of this room getting dirty is higher, but it needs to be presentable every time as a surprise guest can come at any time. Effective and smart house cleaning tips will be helpful in such situations. This article presents you with seven cleaning tips to make your living room welcoming and tidy. The dust on your coffee table and the ceiling fan will not bother you anymore.

Pick up the Clutter

Due to constant usage, the living room may get cluttered with a lot of unnecessary items like blankets, kid’s toys, pillows, books, dirty dishes and glasses, etc. You should make sure you pick these things up when you are leaving the living room. Otherwise, this will cause clutter in the living room which will lead to more dust, and the living room will become unlivable.

Clean the Mirrors

Mirrors will add to the beauty of any space if maintained properly, they will reflect more light into the room and make the space look big. Clean them regularly to keep them shining. Use dish soap to clean and then wipe them dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

Natural Light

Natural light will make any place more cosy, bright and comfortable. When receiving your guests open the blinds and curtains to let the natural light in. Make sure the curtains and blinds are dust-free and opening them won’t sprinkle more dust in the room. You can hire professional house cleaners to keep your home dust-free and top-notch, and you can avoid the embarrassing scenario of dust flying around in front of the guest.

Clear the Coffee Table

The coffee table accumulates most of the clutter over the years, mindfully decluttering the coffee table items whenever possible is necessary to keep it tidy, and remove old magazines and old show pieces from the coffee table. Place new magazines and design pieces to elevate the feeling of the coffee table.

Dealing Pet Hairs

Pet dander or hair can cause disturbance for your guest and the living room will look unkempt with pet danders. Always make sure you clear pet danders from the couch, floor and tables in the living room at the end of the day. This can also act like allergens for some people, to avoid the risk of allergy always clean the pet danders away. Lint rollers should be kept near the furniture pets use. This will help you avoid the pet fur getting attached to your clothes.


This is the most important thing to keep any room clean. Dusting properly and regularly will save you a lot of trouble. But, use a microfibre mop to wipe the floors after sweeping and dusting the room, microfibre can attract and lock dust particles in, so this will stop dust particles from circulating in the air without settling.

Betty King