How important is girl child education?

Every girl in the world needs to be educated. Education is not only about sitting in a classroom. There are so many ways to be educated. However, formal education for at least 10 to 15 years is necessary. There are many countries that used to have issues with girls’ child education. Mostly, it was not about the government. It was about specific cultures that didn’t believe in Girl Child Education. India is one country that is famous for such cultures. The culture of marrying girls off at their tender age is one thing that affected the Indian economy till some women stood up to fight this.

Girls can become anything

Today, there are so many girls who have become actresses, doctors, teachers, astronauts, doctors, chefs, parliamentarians, presidents, founders, fashion designers, film makers, and more. This is because they were allowed to, and others fought against the odds to get an education. This proves that there is no way education should be sidelined in the lives of girls. No matter what your thoughts are, you should be someone who finds a way to push and support projects that support education for girl children like the NanhiKali project. Not many people are able to do this. That is why being able to do this is always a benefit for you. Helping others is always a good thing. You do not need to know these girls to sponsor a project to help them where their education is concerned. That is one thing that you should be completely sure of.

Girls should be empowered

No matter what is being said by others, you need to be someone who believes in the empowerment of the girl child. Empowering a girl is one way to make her stronger and to make her realize that she can achieve anything. However, it should always be about being able to learn hard. Learning hard will always keep you focused, and that is one thing that you need to be interested in holding on to. Some people are against girl child education. This is because they feel when a girl is educated and empowered, she becomes disrespectful and overbearing. Well, that is not something that should be used to define all girls. The attitude of a person has nothing to do with the education they are given. So, that is, nothing should be taken seriously.

Gender equality through education

Girls are being taught to be independent and capable. However, some people try to make it seem like a bad thing. Every individual or human needs to be capable of handling his or her affairs. It is true that men always want to feel on top. However, this doesn’t mean girls shouldn’t get the education they deserve either. Educating a child boosts her confidence and makes her feel she can achieve anything she sets her mind to. In India, for instance, the importance of education being introduced to girls was something that was needed. This is because younger girls were being made to go through a lot of pain and emotional torture. Things have improved for them since education was introduced to them.


You need to know that girl child education is not something that can be achieved by bodies that take this initiative alone. These bodies undertake these projects and need sponsorship and help to make sure the right help is given. There are several NGOs that are always doing their best and still need some help in any way they can get it. That is a good thing that should be considered well.

Schreiner Smith