Revolutionizing Periodontal Treatment with Guided Tissue Regeneration

Periodontal disease is notorious and can wreak havoc on your oral health and wellness. It destroys your gum tissue and erodes the bone supporting your teeth. Left untreated, you may experience loose and damaged teeth or a failing implant. You may lose your tooth completely. 

If you are suffering from periodontal disease, expert periodontists can offer guided tissue regeneration (GTR) as an effective periodontal treatment in Dieppe, NB. Let’s explore how effective GTR is in recreating healthy tissue and bone around your teeth to save your smile. 

What is guided tissue regeneration?

Guided tissue regeneration or GTR is a surgical technique used to repair periodontal defects and ensure a strong and stable foundation for your teeth. The goal of this procedure is to replace or regenerate the bone, periodontal ligament, and cementum that was lost due to periodontal disease. 

Who needs guided tissue regeneration?

Some of the reasons dentists may recommend GTR as part of your treatment plan include:

  • The disease has spread deep into your gums and is affecting your jawbone 
  • You are at risk of losing a tooth or have already lost one
  • You need a dental implant placement 
  • You have gum disease at the site of the dental implant (peri-implantitis)

What to expect from GTR?

GTR is a surgical procedure that uses the latest technology and techniques. 

This surgery involves:

  • Cleaning out pockets and gaps under your gums to remove all bacterial deposits caused by gum disease 
  • Opening the gum tissue through an incision or cut to raise a flap
  • Cleaning the area under the gums to remove all bacteria and debris 
  • Placing a membrane between your soft gum tissue and the defect in your jawbone allows bone-producing cells to populate and grow.
  • Allowing your mouth the space and time it needs for the bone to heal and start regenerating itself 

You need to keep up a good daily oral hygiene routine to allow optimal healing with minimal post-procedure complications. The stitches and membrane dissolve or are removed. In about 6 months, new attachments and bone will grow to support the teeth. 


You do not have to silently suffer bacterial infection and let your oral health deteriorate. Schedule an appointment with your dentist if you suffer from advanced periodontal disease resulting in loose teeth or bone loss. GTR can help regenerate tissues like periodontal ligament, bone, and cementum to offer a strong foundation for your loose teeth or failing implants. 

Lozano Janet