Simon Hopper, CEO Diversitech Global, Admitted into British Chamber Of Commerce

Diversitech Global, led by founder and CEO Simon Hopper, has for the last twenty years been a leading source and manufacturer of private-label hand and power tools to global Fortune-500 household name high-street and online retailers.

To further cement its industry scope, influence, and business relationships, Mr. Hopper formally joined Diversitech Global with the British Chambers Of Commerce on October 1st, 2022.

The British Chambers of Commerce has a central role among businesses in the UK and worldwide. They are part of an extensive international network comprising over 70 British Chambers of Commerce and business groups situated on every continent. These organizations share a close relationship with Chambers of Commerce based in the UK.

The Chamber of Commerce’s primary purpose is to support businesses and promote economic growth. They achieve this by connecting companies, sharing best practices, creating new opportunities, and offering advice and resources. Members of the Chambers also play an important role in improving the local business community and environment.

Through his membership with the British Chambers of Commerce, as well as its network of other business leaders and industry experts, Mr. Hopper will be able to share his two decades’ worth of experience in running a global manufacturing and supply business based in China.

By participating and collaborating with others, Mr. Hopper intends to assist companies in comprehending the market opportunities available to them. He also wants to help businesses bridge any cultural gaps so they can communicate more effectively with their Chinese counterparts as well as develop a larger network.

His extensive focus and knowledge in the hand and power tools industry provide him with a distinct advantage when doing business in China. With years of experience under his belt, he has developed strong relationships and experiences in product development, market growth, and expansion strategies.

Simon Hopper has been the head of Diversitech Global for over 20 years. He was born and raised in Ireland and now resides in China. The company is a resource for manufacturers, assembly teams, and other suppliers of hand & power tools who need help with design or packaging.

A wholly owned Irish Enterprise, it is managed by Chinese-Speaking Western professionals and has a network of 300+ quality audited sub-contract manufacturers. It encompasses a network of fully owned and joint venture manufacturing factory facilities in China, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, and Taiwan including offices in the UK and the USA.

With over 100 employees at its main headquarters, tens of millions of hand tools, power tools, and tool kit set combinations have been assembled and shipped globally, and have grown to become an international leading Hand & Power Tool Supplier.

Membership of the British Chambers Of Commerce further underlines the growth and development of Diversitech Global as it strives to provide world-class tool products and services to retailers and clients.

With an increased demand for their private label products from retailers, Diversitech Global has completed the opening of a modern 3000sqm warehouse in Denver, Ohio, US, and just recently relocation of its Hangzhou, China headquarters to a facility more than twice as large as the original place, with over 5300sqm of warehouse and office space.

As retailers and their customers call for environmentally-friendly products, Diversitech Global has started developing a line of gardening tools using sustainable materials providing alternatives that were not previously available to retailers using recycled and renewable materials.

Diversitech Global has been in the business for over two decades, and they know how to get a successful product brand out into the market. With their strong focus on taking an idea from production to final packaging, including branding or even developing marketing materials, Fortune 500 companies have come back time and again to them as a supplier of private-label tools.

Just as over 20 years ago, when Simon first started as a budding inventor and entrepreneur, his company’s goal is still to help all entrepreneurs, business owners, and retailers achieve success in their ventures by providing them with close partnerships and real-world expertise.

About Diversitech Global:

Diversitech Global is a leading supplier of private-label tools. Having completed work for global retailers, including Fortune 500 companies, products will be designed by experts who understand what it takes to get a successful brand out into the market. Taking an idea from production to final packaging, including branding or even helping with marketing materials.

They have a network of joint-venture factories that use cutting-edge assembly equipment and are committed to world-class supply chain management with their partnered sources and suppliers.

Betty King