The Complete Guide to Buying the Perfect Sofa

Buying a new sofa can be an exciting experience, but also a daunting one with so many options to choose from.

Tips to buy the perfect sofa.

Here are 10 tips to help you find the perfect sofa for your home and lifestyle:

  • Determine Your Budget: Sofas can range dramatically in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Set a budget beforehand so you don’t fall in love with something outside your target spending range. Consider whether you want real leather or faux leather as that can significantly impact cost.
  • Measure Your Space: Take detailed measurements of the room your new sofa will go in, including width, length and any obstacles like doorways or stairs. This will help determine what size and shape works best. Allow enough space around the sofa for walking paths.
  • Decide on Sofa Type: Do you prefer a traditional padded sofa, sleek modern style, sectional, reclining, convertible futon, or something else? Narrow options by determining what sofa type fits your existing decor and lifestyle needs.
  • Test for Comfort: Never buy a sofa without sitting on it! Bring family members along and have everyone try the sofa in different positions to assess comfort level. Pay attention to support, seat depth, armrests, and cushioning. Sofas should be cozy yet supportive.
  • Select Durable sofa: Carefully inspect fabric swatches for quality, durability, and stain resistance. Opt for tightly woven durable fabrics like microfiber if you have kids or pets. Leather lasts a long time too but may fit certain decor styles better.
  • Check Frame Construction: Lift up corner cushions to peek at the sofa frame and inspect construction quality. Opt for kiln-dried hardwood like oak, ash, or beech rather than less durable softwoods or particleboard. Quality joints should be screwed, or corner blocked.
  • Evaluate Cushion Quality: High density foam cushions maintain their shape and comfort longer than lower density options. Down-filled cushions provide luxurious softness but require more fluffing to retain loft. Detachable cushions are also good for cleaning and replacement.
  • Match Style to Décor: Look for a sofa with style, shape and colour that complements your existing room decor. Classic styles like tufted leather Chesterfields pair well with traditional spaces while sleek mid-century modern sofas fit contemporary abodes.
  • Read Reviews: Check reviews from other shoppers online or ask for references to learn about quality, comfort, sizing, and overall satisfaction before purchasing a specific sofa brand and model. This can help avoid disappointing purchases.
  • Arrange In-Home Delivery: Sofas are big, heavy, and awkward to manoeuvre. Opt for in-home delivery rather than picking up yourself. Professional delivery crews can securely bring your new sofa inside, assemble if needed, and remove all packaging debris.
  • Consider Stain Protection: Apply a stain protection treatment to fabric upholstery to make it more resistant to spills, stains, and dirt. This is highly recommended if you have kids or pets.
  • Add Accent Pillows: Fun, colourful throw pillows are an easy way to accessorize your new sofa and tie it into your decor. Opt for pillows that complement your colour scheme.
  • Address Pet Hair Issues: If you have shedding pets, choose a fabric that doesn’t attract lint and hair as much, such as leather or microfiber. Use covers and clean frequently to minimize pet hair buildup.
  • Choose Child-Friendly Fabrics: For families with kids, a durable, stain-resistant microfiber is ideal. Alternatively, choose a darker colour that won’t show stains as easily. Leather is very durable for active households.
  • Consider Warranties: Opt for sofas or king and queen beds that come with warranties in case anything goes wrong. Understand what is and isn’t covered, including cushions flattening, fabric tearing, cracking leather, etc.


Following these sofa shopping tips will help you select the perfect couch for relaxing, entertaining, and making great memories in your home. Test different styles for comfort and quality, measure carefully to fit your space, match decor style and read reviews so you can enjoy your new sofa for years to come.

Lozano Janet