A complete review of wow communications

Wide-open West provides Internet access in nine states in the Midwestern and southern regions of the United States. This Internet provider offers many bundles with a lot of bandwidth and better offers than its competitors. However, if you want to get the best prices from Wow, customers have to opt for 24-month contracts. Furthermore, the selective availability of the company does not make it available to all customers. Thus, customers who are not in the nine states where Wow is currently serving have to look for other Internet service providers.

Advantages of opting for Wow communications

  • You get amazingly high-speed Internet at attractive prices.
  • There are package deals available with the company.

Disadvantages of opting for Wow communications

  • It is only available in nine of the states.
  • If you want to avail the best prices, you will have to go for the corporate options.

Plans and pricing of Wow Internet

Apart from the gig package of Wow, which is dependent on a fiber connection, most of the clients use cable connections. Many users are satisfied with the cheapest plan of Wow, which offers 100 Mbps Internet data speed. Furthermore, due to the availability of many plans, people who would generally opt for the most cost-effective option may be piqued to opt for a higher Internet package. Every plan of Wow, however, indicates the maximum available speed. These speeds may not reflect the actual rate you will receive at your residence or business. Thus, it is recommended that users first check the exact speed of Wow available in their area before deciding to subscribe to it.

Another fantastic feature of Wow is that there are no data caps on any Internet plans. This means that you can use the Internet as much as you want without worrying about the data getting over. This is especially crucial if someone is working from home or is engaged in online schooling.

The plans and prices of Wow

The plans and prices can vary from one location to the other, as observed in other Internet service providers. However, if Wow services are available in your area, regardless of your residence location, there is a chance that you will receive the best rates available in the area. However, to avail yourself of the best prices, you will have to enter into a 24-month contract and set the autopay as your billing option. Once your contract expires, there is a chance that the monthly price will increase. Therefore, keep track of the expiration date so that you can reevaluate the work of the services or opt for another one. Once the contract expires, most of the plans undergo is a price hike of around $20.

Which plan of Wow is best for which type of family?

  • The Internet 100 plan of Wow is best for a small family with 1 to 3 devices.
  • The Internet 200 plan of Wow is perfect for a small family with one to five devices.
  • The Internet 500 plan of Wow is perfect for medium-sized families with one to 10 devices.
  • The Internet 100 plan of Wow is perfect for large families with ten or more devices constantly on the Internet.

As per the data from the FCC, around 37.5% of people availing of Wow services in the United States were receiving 100 Mbps Internet speed. These Internet services of Wow start at 100 Mbps and go up to 1 Gbps. This service is perfect for those requiring large bandwidth for their daily work. Wow has also made fiber connections available to many regions for many of its customers. Thus, if you constantly need the Internet, you will be extremely satisfied by the company’s offers, especially in the case of the gig plans.

Availability of Wow Internet

Unfortunately, Wow Internet is pretty limited because it’s only available in the Midwestern and southern regions. Currently, the company is active in South Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. Even in these states, the services of Wow are available only in certain regions rather than being available throughout the state. To know which of the plans of Wow is available in your area, check the company’s website.

Other factors to consider

Wow allows the customers to decide which equipment they wish to choose when they sign up for any subscription. Customers can use their modem or rent it from Wow four $10 monthly lease. In the case of the one gig Internet service, Wow provides its modem.

Wow claims to provide customers with unlimited Internet and no limits on the data. The lack of a data cap is highly appreciated by those who are working from home, doing online schooling, or have an online business. However, Wow has reserved the right to impose any additional charge on the residential customers who utilize bandwidth in excess.

Erin Crawley