Composting is extraordinary, but assuming you leave your heap to simply sit, it can take more than a year to properly break down. Need to speed things up? Utilize a compost turner.

I wasn’t going to make it happen. Not once more. For once in my life, I would have been that individual who strolled into a store, took out his wallet, and purchased something completely gathered, prepared to utilize. I needed this specific thing – a compost turner – and I would have rather not made it. I wanted to walk into a store, hand over heaps of cash, and purchase it. It’s the kind of thing I could envision a person of honor does. For once in my life, I needed to be that favored, worker requesting man.

3 weeks prior I went on a casual conversation on composting with David. I definitely realize a considerable lot about composting (hot composting is my cherished technique and can be finished in 1-2 months). David taught me that. All things considered,  he knows how to figure composting into any discussion. I learned that compost turners exist and THEY WORK. I was over hills after the discovery. That was the manner by which such a cheerful revelation makes me which is very great proof that I am more a worker material than a man of privilege. In the United States,  you can get something many refer to as “The Compost Crank” which is a similar wine tool plan, yet it has plastic handles, not wood. Besides,  the #25,000 Compost Crank isn’t ls accessible in Nigeria. I had two options. Purchase the one from Babstech that was an alternate plan, or make one in the style I loved.

Enough of the gist. The 2k DIY Compost Turner.

Materials: Spiral tomato stake, Broom handle

Instructions: Cut two pieces off of your broom handle, each around 5″ long. Drill an opening that is 2 bit sizes bigger than the size of your tomato stake through the center of each piece of a broom handle. Slip one of the handles over your tomato stake. With the base (untwisted piece) of the tomato stake in a tight clamp, twist it so you have an L shape. Remove the stake, reposition it and curve it once more. Twist the stake again by situating it in the tight clamp. Make your last twist to finish your handle. Set your last wood handle on and secure it by screwing on a nut. The tomato stake will not be strung, however assuming you utilize a wrench to screw on your nut, it will dive into the stake and stay tight. At last, but the finish of the twisting into the tight clamp and muscle into a more tight winding.

To use the compost turn just screw down into the bottom of the compost and pull up.  It brings part of the bottom layer right up with it.  Do this 6 or 7 times and the heap will be completely turned. 

See?  You really do always learn something new

Erin Crawley