Fire Resistant Coating that Will Keep Your Home From Going Up In Smoke

Fire can be devastating. If a fire breaks out in your home, it can cause severe damage and turn your life upside down. A fire resistant coating will help keep your home safe from the destructive power of fire. Fire-resistant coatings are used on concrete floors and walls to protect against fires by preventing smoke and heat from damaging foundations, supports and other structural elements. Fire-resistant coatings come in two different types:

  1. Intumescent
  2. Non-intumescent

Intumescent means “swelling” in Latin, which refers to how these types of coatings swell when exposed to heat, sealing cracks that would allow smoke and fire to enter your home. Non-intumescent coatings do not swell when exposed to heat like intumescent coatings do, but they can still offer some protection against fires because they are less likely than bare concrete or wood to catch on fire.

The Benefits of Fire Resistant Coating

Fireproof Coating is a high-performance fireproofing coating that can be used to protect a wide range of buildings, including homes and commercial buildings. The product works by creating an extremely durable layer over the surface of a building. This layer is capable of withstanding high temperatures and cannot melt or burn away from the structure. The advantages of fireproof coating are numerous and include:

Improve Fire Resistivity

The purpose of a fireproof coating is to improve the fire resistivity of a structure. The material used in the process is able to withstand high temperatures and provide protection against fire damage. As a result, buildings with this type of coating are less likely to burn down during an inferno. This can save you thousands of dollars in property damages and maintenance costs over time as well as reduce your insurance premiums.

Lowers the Maintenance Cost

Another benefit of using a fireproof coating is that it lowers your maintenance costs over time. Without the coating, you may need to replace certain parts of your building every so often because they’ve been destroyed by fires. With the coating applied, however, you don’t have to worry about this happening anymore because your building will be protected from these types of damages. This means that you won’t have to spend as much money on repairs in the future!

Reduce Insurance Costs

Fire Resistant Coating can help reduce insurance costs for businesses and homes, especially when they are used in areas where there is a high risk of fire. The coating acts as a shield against any potential damage caused by fire, which means that you won’t have to pay as much for your insurance policies.

Ensures Safety

Fireproof coatings are designed to help keep you safe in case of an emergency. This means that even if your building catches on fire, you will be protected from its effects because the coating will prevent it from spreading quickly throughout your entire building. This also means that you don’t have to worry about getting hurt while trying to put out the flames or evacuate people from inside the building during an emergency situation like this one.

Increase Fire Resistance

One of the primary benefits of using fireproof paint is that it increases the resistance of your building against fires. A typical home or office building has many wooden structures in it, such as stairs, doors and furniture which can catch fire easily if exposed to heat or flames for long enough periods of time. Using fireproof coatings on these wooden structures will help protect them against damage during a fire, so they do not get destroyed by heat or flames when they inevitably occur.

Lowest Flame Spread Index

One of the greatest benefits of applying a Fire Resistant Coating is that it has a low flame spread index. This means that it will not easily ignite when exposed to an open flame. In fact, there have been several tests performed where high-temperature flames were applied directly to this type of coating, and they did not burn at all! This makes it ideal for areas such as kitchens or other rooms where open flames are used frequently, such as gas stoves or ovens.

Non-combustible Lining

One more benefit of installing a fireproof coating on your home is that it provides a non-combustible lining for your interior walls. This means that if there were ever a fire in your home, the flames would not be able to spread beyond the surface where they began. This could prevent extensive damage and even save lives if someone were still inside at the time of the blaze.


The benefits of using fire resistant coating are numerous. They include better health and safety measures in a building, prolong the lifetime of a building’s interior parts, increase a building’s durability and overall quality, reduce a building’s weight and cost, have less vulnerability to climate changes, and are more environmentally friendly. Take your pick of any major construction material in the world and there is no doubt that you will find it coated in one form or another with this ultra-thin film.

Erin Crawley