Hardwood flooring – giving floors their natural look

Hardwood flooring is becoming an extremely popular choice for homeowners and for commercial properties because of its elegant, timeless appeal.

  • Hardwood flooring installation is easy

Although solid hardwood flooring needs to be fixed into place, engineered hardwood  flooring  can be floated over an underlay and used with underfloor heating.  Engineered hardwood flooring is available with a click-fitting system, making installation even easier.

  • Hardwood flooring installations are aesthetically pleasing

Hardwood flooring has a timeless appeal and adds warmth, character, and beauty to any property or space.

  • Hardwood flooring installation has a long-life expectancy

Good quality Hardwood flooring lasts for decades if installed correctly and cared for and maintained. The floor does not lose its shine and luster after a few years and can be sanded and refinished to restore its original attractiveness.

  • Hardwood flooring installation is Timeless.

Hardwood flooring installation won’t fade over time and will increase the value of your home and you have them longer. You just keep them in pristine condition with basic weekly cleanings and the occasional refinishing. It’s easier and cheaper, in the long run, making this an economical and smart investment.

  • Wide range of species of hardwood flooring installation

When thinking about hardwood flooring installation, there is a huge choice of wood species to choose from. Every wood type looks different, but some are harder and more durable than others.

  • Wide range of colors with hardwood flooring installation

There are different species of wood who offer differences in color variation, but color stains can also be added to offer particular shades, such as grey or white.

  • Hardwood flooring installation has a wide range of finishes

A pre-finished or an unfinished format are available in hardwood flooring. A pre-finished floor already has its protective layers. It is ready to use once it has been installed. An unfinished floor needs to have protective layers added once it has been installed.  This allows you to add specific colors stains, oils, or lacquers to achieve the desired and unique finish.

  • Hardwood flooring installation is cost effective

To any property, hardwood flooring installation is a fantastic investment as it will last far longer than laminate, or vinyl flooring and carpets.

  • Hardwood flooring is easy to maintain

This flooring is easy to look after and quick by sweeping on a regular basis and cleaning with a specific wooden floor cleaning spray and mop.

  • Hardwood flooring installations are easy to match to your interior

As there is a huge range of Hardwood flooring, colors, styles, and finishes, it is extremely easy to find Hardwood flooring that will match and complement your interior.

  • Hardwood flooring installations are hygienic

Hardwood flooring is far more hygienic than carpets as they do not allow dust particles, unpleasant odors, mold, or mildew to be trapped anywhere, and they are extremely easy to clean.

Ultimately, choosing an expert for your floor to buy and install provides you with a variety of options as they emphasize good quality and that is the key to success in providing customer satisfaction.

Clare Louise