How to store your cannabis


Proper storage is one of the ways to get maximum quality and value from cannabis. Whether you get your weed from a cannabis store or elsewhere, it is important to store it correctly to make it last longer and retain its quality. Storing cannabis correctly for a week or long-term has a significant impact on its potency and flavour. 

Exposing cannabis to excessive air reduces its quality while excess moisture exposes it to mould. Given this, creating a balance when storing cannabis will make the buds potent and fluffy. Follow the steps below to store your cannabis correctly:

1. Keep It In A Cool Environment 

Keep your cannabis in a cool environment to retain its quality. Do not keep your cannabis in high temperatures to prevent it from drying out because the terpenes will evaporate. Placing your cannabis outside or close to a heater is wrong. Also, do not keep cannabis in freezing temperatures as its buds will lose their potency due to damaged trichomes. Keep your cannabis in a dark corner, drawer, or closet.

2. Store It In A Dark Place

Exposing cannabis to the sun can damage it due to the harmful ultraviolet light that can damage the bud’s cannabinoids and terpenes. Store it in a dark cool place. Do not leave your cannabis in direct sunlight. When leaving a cannabis store, keep your buds in a container that will not be exposed to sunlight directly.

3. Avoid Excess Moisture

Excess moisture will cause your buds to be mouldy. While you are avoiding excess moisture, the environment should not be highly dry either as it can damage the cannabis’ cannabinoids and terpenes. For best results, keep your cannabis in proper humidity levels from 59-63% relative humidity (RH). You should not store your cannabis in the refrigerator. 

4. Use The Right Containers

The best container to store cannabis is a glass container. Although plastic and metal containers are the most common, you should not keep your weed in a plastic or metal container. Glass containers are the best to store your cannabis to preserve its flavour, aroma, and potency for a long time. Plastic can create static change that will adversely affect cannabis. Trichomes will fall off the buds within a short time. 

Glass is nonporous and highly airtight, making it the best to store cannabis. You can also use a wood container, but avoid a cigar humidor so that your cannabis will not taste like cedar. Regardless, wood containers are not as good as glass containers when it comes to the longevity and best perseveration of your buds. 


Get a glass container from a cannabis store to keep and preserve your weed. The best experience is having your weed as fresh as possible anytime you use it. To get the best results, store it appropriately.

Betty King