Impact of Severe Weather on Auto Shipments

As we all know it is quite difficult to promise a fixed delivery date in the auto transport industry. Even though most auto transport companies strive to keep to a strict schedule, the weather may not support it sometimes. The United States is such a huge country, each region has a different climate. In simple words, blizzards are common in one part of the country, while hurricanes are common in the other part of the country.

Both international and local auto shipping is affected by harsh weather conditions. Heavy snowfalls, storms, and floods can create delays. Weather is a major concern for ocean freight shippers, as storms and hurricanes frequently cause delays. Weather can also affect port operations.

However, this doesn’t mean that your vehicle will be in danger when shipping. Most auto transport companies provide safe shipping services to their clients.

If you want to protect your vehicle from weather changes, you could choose enclosed carrier shipping services. However, if you choose open carrier shipping services, your vehicle will be exposed to dust and weather changes. Hence, you must be careful when making your choice. You must always choose the shipping services keeping the weather in view.

There are plenty of auto transport companies in the United States these days. To find the best from the options available, you could take the help of the client reviews online. Choose an auto transport company like Ship a Car, Inc always. Visit their site to book their services. As their services are quite affordable and safe, you can choose their services without worrying about anything.

How weather can affect auto transport?

  • Increased Rates: Shipping costs would be generally high when the weather is predicted to be worst. The cost of shipping a car is also determined by the location and projected route. If the driver is unable to travel in the original route due to weather, an alternate route will be chosen. This could have an impact on other vehicles being picked up.

As winter is the season for ice and snow, many people go on vacations. This may result in greater traffic on roads. Hence, it takes longer than usual for delivering your vehicle to your new address. All this can add up and result in more shipping costs.

  • Delay: Due to bad weather, the first priority of the auto transport companies is to deliver your vehicle and other vehicles safely to the delivery address. However, as accidents might occur due to bad weather conditions, drivers must be extremely careful when driving. They have to also drive slower than usual to reach the destination safely. Unfortunately, this means the delivery or pick-up date may have to be pushed back a few days.

What are the benefits of hiring car shipping services?

When you hire car shipping services, you don’t have to drive your car anymore to take it to your new location. As driving your car in the bad weather would not be safe for you and your family, especially long distances choosing the car shipping services would be your best choice.

Lozano Janet