Melbourne’s live music trends. What are today’s music enthusiasts looking for?

Melbourne’s live music trends.

Local and international bands rip it up in venues throughout the city, from newly renovated historic pubs to low-key neighbourhood bars to behind iconic theatre facades. Jazz, rock, pop, electronic, folk, Hi-fi, lo-fi, and any kind of live music in Melbourne is always within reach. 

Among all cities in Australia, Melbourne is known as the live music capital. From jazz basements to rock’ n’ roll pubs to summer music festivals, you are bound to find live music events in every corner of the city. Moreover, Melbourne’s live music trends are constantly changing to evolving times and new trends. All thanks to the music enthusiast. But who are these hardcore fans, and what do they contribute?

Who are hardcore fans of music festivals?

Festival-goers who are hardcore comprise around 20% of the entire audience. Saying that they also spend another 91% more on festival tickets than “casual” festivalgoers, and they attend their favourite live music summer festivals three times on average. Hardcore festies are even outperforming casual festies in VIP purchases, social influence, attendance, and engagement in virtually every aspect.

Here are a few more reasons why festies are so meaningful.

Despite the data being from the US, it might also apply to Australia since music trends do!


The average festival goer spends $91 more per event than the average consumer when attending 5-6 festivals per year. Most of these festies attend 2-3 festivals a year. 

Spread the Word

We’re not just talking about the festies coming back next time. Thanks to extended reach among their peer groups, they are a very influential group. Notably, 69% of them say that their friends trust them for information and advice on upcoming musical events, multi-day festivals, and concerts. 

What are today’s music enthusiasts looking for?

Meet today’s music enthusiasts!

It is estimated that this fan attends four music festivals each year and outranks all other festival-goers in terms of VIP purchasing, social influence, attendance, and engagement.

Live experiences of all kinds

A hardcore festival-goer is more than just a music enthusiast – they’re passionate about the live experience. For this reason, Aussies are choosing to spend their money on creating lifelong memories instead of the accumulation of ‘stuff’, driving a growing trend.

Socially active individuals tend to attend other local events and spend hard-earned money on exciting live experiences. The percentage of hardcore festival goers regularly attending beer and wine events stands at 45%, compared to 17% for casual festival-goers, and 32% for fitness events, but only 13% for casual festival-goers.


Nearly 50% of all festies are devoted to artists rather than actual events. As a result, they place a high priority on the headlining bands. They indubitably enjoy top-tier musical talent. This hardcore group of music fans is also more open to discovering new music than casual fans, so a mix of line-up is fine.


About half of festivalgoers discover upcoming events through television or offline social engagement, while 45% discover festivals through online marketing.

Next, you need to keep them engaged. According to one-fifth of these individuals, having a friend attend the festival played a significant role in their decision to purchase tickets. Fifty percent of festival goers learn of upcoming events from their social network. 

Building VIPs

35% of festival-goers said VIP services were significant to them, including early access, backstage meet & greets, VIP lounges, and free drinks. Moreover, they’re willing to pay much more for these services because of the experience. 

Music is not all there is

Unlike traditional music festivals, modern music festivals are multimedia events. These festies combine music, food, and entertainment. People no longer just go to concerts to listen to bands. More than two-thirds of festies look for events that offer non-musical entertainment, such as talks, the venue, food trucks, market stalls, and amusement parks.

By doing so, the festival has become a far more significant and attractive event for consumers.

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