Dangers of Street Racing 

Street racing is illegal and for good reasons. It is extremely dangerous to race on the roads which are used by the general public for travel and commute purposes. Children, pedestrians, and families use the same roads to reach their destinations safely. When it comes to traffic violations in Kentucky, illegal street racing is one of the biggest dangers. 

You deserve compensation if you have been injured by someone illegally racing on public roads. An attorney can help you gather evidence against the liable party for reckless driving and breaking traffic laws. Street racing can lead to medical bills, property damages, etc. Seek legal advice today. 

Dangers of street racing 

  • Street racing cars engage at high speeds. 

One of the most obvious dangers of street racing is that the vehicles participating in the game go at very high speeds and often engage in reckless driving. They go way beyond the posted speed limit and endanger themselves and other people on the road. Driving at fast speeds gives them less time to react and judge sudden situations on the road, increasing the risk of an accident. 

  • Street racing often contains alcohol. 

People participating in street racing also consume alcohol before or during their game. Intoxication paired with alcohol is deadly and can result in fatal injuries. Alcohol, marijuana, and other recreational drugs can greatly impact one’s driving ability. 

  • Collateral damage. 

When these cars go at high speeds, they might hit other objects and vehicles on the road and cause a chain reaction of accidents. This leads to multiple-vehicle accidents, multiple injuries, and multiple property damage, and the destruction level is higher than seen in any other type of accident. 

  • The viewers can be harmed. 

Many people come to watch street racing and stand on the side of the road to watch. These onlookers and other pedestrians may also be harmed when an accident happens. Even if an actual car accident does not take place, flying debris from cars going too fast can hit a person and injure them. 

  • Participants often underestimate the danger. 

Studies show that most people who participate in street racing do not realize the level of danger, and it is most common in racers racing for the first time. Most people consider it a game where no one gets hurt, maimed, or killed. While there are instances of street racing where the participants safely finish the game, the danger is still there. 

Jacob Jose