Mot Check and Servicing – Identify the Dissimilarity Between the Two

What comes to your mind when you think about car maintenance and the measure needed to keep it in roadworthy condition? You might either choose a regular car service or a yearly MOT test. While both are the correct answers, most drivers do not identify the difference between the two or what happens during the essential vehicle checkups at the garage.

What is MOT Check, and What does it include? 

MOT is the abbreviation for Ministry of Transport. It refers to an annual inspection of your car required by law. The test works with a strict criteria checklist established by the DVSA to determine if your automobile is in roadworthy condition and fits the purpose.

Your car may need additional work to pass the MOT test, but the inspection does not include any replacements or repairs. The inspection ensures your vehicle is safe enough to be on the road, though it does not necessarily mean it is running as it could be.

The MOT inspection covers what is essential to ensure your vehicle’s safety, but it does not necessarily look at its health. While MOT testing checks on parts like tires, lights, brakes, and seatbelts, it will not cover the car engine. That’s where a car service will come in handy.

What is a Car Service?

It is a car inspection performed on the guidelines created by the automobile manufacturer. A car service is necessary to keep your vehicle safe, reliable, and fully functioning. MOT testing and car service are similar and include checks on brakes, tires, and seatbelts.

A car service entails more thorough checks since it covers the vehicle’s health besides checking the safety-critical aspects. It also comprises replacing some auto parts like the engine oil to maintain the smooth running of your car. As a car owner, it is your liability to take care of your vehicle’s safety and health by hiring a reputable MOT & car service in your area.

Lozano Janet