Read to Know the Various Benefits Offered by Pallet Inverters

Pallet inverters are specialised machines that make spinning or repositioning fully loaded pallets, large objects, and stacks of commodities easy and rapid. They improve efficiency, reduce product damage, and prevent worker injuries by eliminating the need to physically invert, transport, or stack large objects.

In comparison to overhead cranes, fork trucks, and other difficult-to-use and hazardous heavy lifting machines, pallet inverters offer a safer and more efficient pallet handling option.

Here, we will discuss about a pallet inverter, and its advantages.

Pallets are turned using a pallet inverter. This method is crucial because it protects the items stored on the pallets from damage. Additionally, it helps to increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations.

The majority of inverters can be operated manually as standalone devices or as part of a larger automation sequence. Their main applications include:

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  • Changing out damaged pallets
  • Accessing and removing any damaged items lying at the bottom of a pallet load
  • Repositioning your fully loaded pallets within the warehouse.
  • Moving or manipulating heavy and bulky items or product stacks

An inverter’s precise setup and design elements will determine the exact working procedure. Its operation entails the following fundamental actions:

  • The load is placed onto the feed conveyor that leads to the pallet inverter.
  • A push-button control will turn on the feed conveyor and the load will be fed into the inverter. A sensor placed under the rollers will detect the load while it enters the unit, initiating the built-in conveyors automatically.
  • The built-in conveyors stop operating once they have guided the load into the inverter. In order to carefully secure the load inside the unit, the hydraulically driven clamping mechanism then closes.
  • The secured load is rotated by the device until it reaches 180⁰. The load subsequently leaves the inverter through the built-in conveyor while the clamping mechanism then automatically opens.

There are several benefits of pallet inverter in the warehouse, which includes:

  1. Reduced product damage

By flipping the pallets, you can reduce the amount of product damage in your warehouse. The items will have better impact protection.

  1. Improved efficiency

Pallet turners can make your warehouse operations more efficient by reducing the time taken to unload and load cargo. It could also help your inventory management be more accurate.

  1. Reduced labour costs

Your warehouse operations’ labour costs may be decreased by using a pallet inverter. This is so that some of the duties involved in loading and unloading merchandise can be automated.

  1. Enhanced safety

Pallet inverters make the workplace much safer and healthier by minimising the need to manually lift or rotate heavy loads, which helps decrease employee injuries.

  1. Avoid improper use of equipment

When a forklift or overhead crane is used to sling and turn over a big or awkward object, side-loading of the hoists, imbalanced loading, and other risks occur. This is considered equipment misuse and is exceedingly dangerous.

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