An alcoholic dish known as Rum Cake is indeed a nutty yellow bundt cake made using dark rum, nuts, and rum frosting.

Try out Cream Cheese Pound Cake or Kentucky Butter Bundt Cake in lieu of this delicacy if you don’t really like rum. There can be no refuting that the icing and the cake contain rum. In reality, each bite has a noticeable rum flavor. Therefore, if you enjoy rum, you would enjoy this delectable cake. Do find out the best Baking classes out there.

Cake Components

  • The yellow rum cake, as well as the rum glaze, are indeed the two components of this dish.
  • Nuts: slice up some nuts and incorporate them into the cake, although you can omit them if you do not like them.
  • vanilla instant pudding mix
  • All-purpose flour has been utilized in desserts; other types of flour haven’t been tried yet.
  • Rum: There are two varieties, both dark and light. This version has a darker color because the expert used dark rum. Before even being processed and bottled, the wine is matured in charred oak or hardwood barrels, which gives it a darker color. If light alcohol is all that you have, then just use it, but the flavor might be slightly changed. Dark rum would offer the cakes more flavor.

Procedure to make rum cake 

  • The microwave should be heated to 325°F.
  • cover the pan’s base with nuts.
  • Add the pudding batter to a sizable mixing bowl.
  • Add the butter to the mixing bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a spatula. For 1-2 minutes, blend at moderate speed.
  • The dried seeds should be combined with the butter for 30 seconds.
  • Each at a time, add the milk, oil, vanilla, and eggs. Blend on medium-high for a moment, and scrape up the edges of the bowl as necessary.
  • Rum is next added, and the mixture is finished.
  • Distribute the batter over the nuts and stretch it out evenly.
  • Bake for an hour, or until the center of a skewer poked pulls out spotless.
  • After removing the cake from the microwave, give it a 10-minute cooling period.
  • Rearrange the dessert onto a serving bowl after around 10 min.


Does this cake need rum to be made?

Actually yes. And besides, rum cake is how it’s named for a purpose. Instead of the rum glaze, you could cover the cake with simple syrup to minimize the proportion of rum inside the dish. That might slightly reduce the rum flavor.

What makes a Bundt Cake different from a conventional cake?

A bundt cake is prepared in a bundt pan, also referred to as a fluted tube pan, as opposed to an ordinary cake. That seems to be accurate, and it contributes to the solution, but just not entirely. An additional distinction is that because bundt pans have such a cylindrical small holes, a portion of the cake would brush the pan’s edges. The edge becomes crustier as a consequence. This is neither a negative thing; the cake will be perfectly supported by whatever frosting or other decorations you choose to use.

Erin Crawley