HC companies deal with wholesale nursery pots that can be used in greenhouses, however, beyond the sales of wholesale nursery pots is the emphasis on understanding the difference between the type of greenhouses that are available and how one can maximize making decisions based on the current resource at your disposal for choosing the type to venture into. The interesting part of the whole discussion is that each of the three classes of the greenhouse makes use of nursery pots and if you are setting up a greenhouse getting wholesale nursery pots will definitely help reduce the cost of buying them one after the other.

  1. LOW-TECHNOLOGY GREENHOUSE. To start with is the low technology greenhouse and from the name, you can get a glimpse of the type of greenhouse, this will most likely look like. This type of greenhouse is usually less than 3 meters in total height and they do not have a vertical wall. It is relatively cheap to raise this kind of greenhouse as a matter of fact this is the cheapest of the class of greenhouse even though they also make use of wholesale nursery pots. They do not have vertical walls, they do not so good ventilation, and they are also with little or no ventilation. These low-technology greenhouses have significant production and some environmental limitations with all these they are cost-effective and very easy to start with.
  1. MEDIUM TECHNOLOGY GREENHOUSES. Medium technology greenhouse is the type of greenhouse that stand between the very first mention and the last one I will be talking about here. This type actually takes a compromise between cost-effectiveness and productivity which makes it represent a reasonable economic and environmental basis for the industry. The production at this level is more efficient than field production as they are typically characterized by walls that are vertical in nature more than 2metres but usually less than 4 meters even though this type of greenhouse offers some taste of technology, unlike the low technology greenhouse. It is still very difficult to get the full potential of a greenhouse with this class of greenhouse.
  1. HIGH-TECHNOLOGY GREENHOUSES. It is commonly said that the best is save of the last. This is true in this case, I am not sure if ti is true in every case. The wall of this class of greenhouse is at least 4 meters and the rooftop is about 8 meters above the ground level. There are high levels of technology structures present in this type offering superior crop and environmental performance. It also offers enormous opportunities for economic and environmental sustainability. Even though it is highly costly to set up this kind of greenhouse howbeit it gives highly productive and sustainable opportunities. 

Jacob Jose