Should you consider solar power for your Quebec home? Find here!

As energy demands soar across the globe, scientists and environment experts are now vouching for solar power as an alternative to fossil fuels. While the need for fossil fuels is evident across many sectors, homeowners can now install solar panels and reap the advantages of using clean energy. While data is constantly pointing towards the need for better energy resources, magazines like Maison Saine are helping homeowners make smart choices for their homes. The energy from the sun is literally free, and in some provinces and territories, the payoff is excellent in the long run. This brings us to the question – Should you consider solar power for your Quebec home? We look at the advantages and disadvantages below.

Advantages at a glance

  1. Solar energy is for the future. Even considering the weather in Quebec, you could save on energy costs considerably with a fully-operational solar panel system.
  2. Once installed, there is little to worry about maintenance. If you are concerned about the operating costs, there’s practically not much to spend, especially with the right system.
  3. Modern solar panels are designed to last. You can expect long service life, expanding up to 30 years, and considering what you would save on energy bills, the investment is worth it.
  4. Sunlight is a stable source of energy, and no matter how many homes harness the power of the sun, there is room for more.
  5. Solar energy also works for a wide range of building and residential projects, making it a practical choice for homes with higher energy consumption charts.

Not to forget, by choosing solar power, you are making a smarter and better choice for the planet.

On the flip side

While prices have reduced drastically over the years, especially in the last decade, high upfront costs are a problem for many people who don’t want to make that investment. Also, the eventual benefits you get from the solar system investment are based on variables, including weather and season.

Final word

It may take time to reach a status where every home in Quebec and the rest of Canada uses solar energy in some form, but the effort is worth every penny. There is no better way to reduce the dependency on the grid, and as a homeowner who cares for the planet, this could be a significant step in how you do more for the environment and your home.

Erin Crawley