Why investors choose real estate in Greece

Real estate in Greece is a promising path to European citizenship and a life filled with sunlight, sea breeze, endless paths on the sea surface from the rising moon, and a warm, ever-warm climate without winter blizzards and snowfalls. Depending on the purpose of immigration, you can buy real estate on the first line in Greece, in the capital of the state, and on the Halkidiki peninsula.

Advantages of getting property in Halkidiki

In the latter case, you get not only all the advantages of moving to the Halkidiki peninsula, but also the proximity of the sea coast, a pleasant climate where warm weather prevails, and the thermometer does not fall below zero even in winter. Among the classic advantages of buying Halkidiki villas are:

  • The uniqueness and accessibility of the program, according to which a residence permit for real estate in Greece is issued indefinitely.
  • Access to any Schengen country without a visa.
  • No obligation to reside in Greece for at least 183 days a year in order to maintain the right to a residence permit.
  • Unlimited validity of the Greek residence permit, if the document is received for investments in real estate in Greece.
  • Direct access to the status of a rentier by renting a villa in Chalkidiki.
  • A residence permit for a house in Greece is issued to the investor and his family members.
  • Access to citizenship after 7 years. If housing under the residence permit program in Greece is not purchased but rented and included in the tourist complex, then the period of access to citizenship increases to 10 years.
  •  There are no requirements to pass the Greek language proficiency exam.

The tourist paradise, Halkidiki, has three additional peninsulas where you can see unique historical sights and architectural monuments, plunge into the world of Ancient Athens and feel like one of the gods of Olympus.

Clare Louise