Why People Are So Passionate about Soccer?  

If one makes a list of the most popular sports events in the world, soccer would surely secure its place around the top. People dream about it and live it through their favorite players and teams. Players with skills become living legends whom fans keep on an altar. The love and dreams of the fans get shape with every stepping of the players. There are more than enough instances when fans have invaded the field just to touch their favorite player. People even choose the soccer match analysis (วิเคราะห์ บอล, term in Thai) to know more about the form of their team or player.  It is almost a craziness that is all around the game and there are good reasons for people to be such crazy about this.

Time is scarce and soccer fits in that

Truly we are living in a world where there is almost no time for anything than except the schedule. Week offs and holidays are no longer filled with fun activities but with jobs like grocery shopping and cleaning. Vacations are planned months in advance and it takes a lot of planning. It is almost impossible to sit for a match that goes for too long. But soccer is just different. A match just takes 90 minutes of your time. Half time and everything included- it will take around 2 hours. While it is almost tough to find 3-4 hours for games like baseball, you will find time for soccer much easily. Again, you will also get the half time to take a break from the screen. As a match takes less time, there are lesser chances of getting bored or tired. Time just flies by as you watch the players tackling and passing the ball to each other in that short span of time.

The loyalty of fans

This very thing is almost unnatural. There is nothing more beautiful than the loyalty the fans have towards the players or teams. Some of the fans won’t even watch them live in action in this lifetime. But that does not stop them from shouting their lungs out while cheering from the other side of the world even. People coming from different cities and even countries make the Mexican Wave and it is a spectacular thing that looks stunning.

The spotlight runs along with players

It is a game when you can barely keep watching just one player. The ball makes its way with the help of their feet to the goal. The spotlight and all the eyes turn to the player who has the ball at his feet. The game gives chance to everyone to show their skill and make a statement while on the field.

The Beautiful Game

The beauty lies in everything- from the synchronized cheering from the fans, the players on the field and the field itself. It is almost a pleasure to watch the field from the top view. It looks like someone has carefully painted the field to create the contrast. The tears from the players and their fans, the different celebrating style, everything makes it a game worth 90 minutes of a day.

Betty King