Why Plastic-Free July Deserves Your Whole-Hearted Commitment  

Want an easy and direct way to make a difference? Simply cut out your single-use plastics during the month of July. Below we’ll go into easy ways to cut out those single-use plastics (hint: they’re everywhere and easy to replace with reusable items). And we’ll explore why Plastic-Free July deserves the time and effort.   


Plastic-Free July Is Easy


Just because something deserves your whole-hearted commitment doesn’t mean it also has to be hard to do. It can actually be very simple to cut out your single-use plastics. Some ideas include:


  • Taking reusable bags to the store (keep them in your vehicle so you never forget them)
  • Using reusable utensils, plates and cups at cookouts
  • Buying reusable metal straws
  • Using lidded containers instead of cling wrap 
  • Using reusable drink containers like water bottles or coffee cups
  • Choose solid soaps, shampoos and conditioners instead of liquid ones
  • Subscribe to a refillable household products service for your laundry detergent, dish soap and other cleaning liquids


These are just some of the main sources of single-use plastics. You might look around your life and find other areas where you really don’t need single-use items. 


The beauty of Plastic-Free July is that once you replace your single-use items, you might find the habit easy to keep up. 


Plastic-Free July Helps the Environment


The whole point of this movement, of course, is to help the environment. Using less plastic can mean cleaner parks, roads and waterways, rather than the usual plastic garbage lying around. 


Plastic-Free July Could Save Our Health


One of the growing concerns of all this plastic is the micro plastics that we’re increasingly ingesting and even breathing in. Plastic can break down into such small components it ends up in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. 


We don’t yet know the full extent of the health effects from constantly consuming tiny plastic debris, but as an understatement, it’s regarded as quite toxic.          


Plastic-Free July Saves Money


Plastic-Free July can even save money in the long run, although it might require some minor investment to begin with, if you don’t already have reusable water bottles or metal straws lying around. 


However, by investing in reusables, you cut out the need to be continually buying new plastic straws, disposable knives and forks or plastic wrap. In some cases, a pack of a few reusable metal straws with a cleaning brush included often costs in the same price range or less as a pack of plastic straws – and they’ll last forever.


It Helps You Feel Like You’re Making a Difference


Plastic-Free July can also help you feel like you’re having a positive impact on the world. In fact, 75.25% of readers in an All Things Hair poll said that they feel they can make a difference with their plastic use. And feeling like you’re making a difference is always good.  


So, considering cutting down on plastic use can make you feel good about your positive impact on the planet, help with environmental/human health and is easy to do, why not give it a try?


Betty King