Dimmer Lights: applications and advantages

A dimmer is a tool used to control the brightness of a light source attached to a fixture. Lowering the lights is achieved by altering the voltage waveform applied to the bulb. 

Dimmer Lights lets you adjust the lighting around you according to your needs. For example, you might prefer a bright light when doing office work, but while relaxing or having snacks in the evening, you might want a dark, soothing Light.

Let’s discuss in brief the applications and advantages of Dimmer Lights. 

Applications of Dimmer Lights 

Lights play a favorable role in making the interiors bright. The amount of light in a space has a significant impact on how we feel and how we conduct our business. For example, we find it challenging to read in a single candle, or a movie night doesn’t get interesting under a 1,500-watt light. Some rooms are used for several purposes, each requiring a distinct type of lighting. 

Dimmer lights are great electrical equipment that enable you to change the brightness of a room’s lighting from virtually dark to fully bright by turning a knob. Installing a dimmer switch is a simple way to manage your lights. Dial, touchpad, slide, and combo switch are the four most common types of dimmer switches. In addition, distinct light dimmer switches have different forms and function slightly differently.

The bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living area, and other rooms can all have these switches. Halogen and incandescent bulbs are compatible with dimmer switches. However, dimmer switches can also operate some LEDs and fluorescent lights with unique ballasts. Homes and businesses often use these to conserve energy and regulate the lighting atmosphere.

Dimmer lights are directly attached to the mains. Therefore, other parts of the circuit should be touched while it is in use. The best way to handle this is to construct the dimmer circuit inside a plastic box. Always install a potentiometer such that none of its metal components is visible to users, and use one with a plastic shaft. Dimmer lights must feature a fuse to prevent failures when filament burns are a strong possibility. 

Advantages of using Dimmer lights 

Let’s discuss the advantages of using dimmer lights. 

1- Energy Savings

By using the dimmer lights, your power bill will be less and reflect the energy savings. In addition, doing so will result in you consuming fewer watts. Depending on how many rooms you have installed, you might save 18–20% on lighting expenditures.

2- More extended durability of the light

Simply put, your lights will last longer if you dim them since the load will decrease on the lights. Not all bulbs can be dimmed, although doing so can double or triple the lifespan of an ordinary light bulb.

3- Enhances the look

Any room can have a specific look and feel. For example, while preparing a meal, you’ll typically want the lights to be bright, but the living room is another matter. When watching TV, you might want to turn down the lights; when reading a book, turn them back up. Bedrooms and family areas are also excellent locations for lights with dimmers switches.

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Clare Louise