Installation of MCCB

MCCBs are important elements of every electrical distribution system. They stand for moulded case circuit breakers. MCCBs are safety components essential for protecting your home and office. They act like a fuse to disrupt any excessive flow of the circuit through the circuit. However, MCCBs are more sensitive and safe than ordinary fuses. MCCBs are fast enough to identify faults and resume power. 

Hence, it is vital to install MCCBs in our homes and offices. The following discusses three effective methods of MCCB installation.

Different ways to install MCCB: 

There are three distinct ways to install MCCBs. They are as follows:

  • Fixed installation method:

It is the simplest mode of installation of MCCBs. This mode installation is very common with MCCBs with plastic cases. In this process, the circuit breakers are mounted on fixed mounting brackets using random screws. Fixed installation is equipped with front wiring and rear wiring. The supporting wires allow for an external expansion row connection during the installation. 

The significant advantage of fixed installation is that it provides ample scope for the repair or replacement of MCCBs. You can opt for hassle-free replacement of MCCBs by first disconnecting the upper-level circuit breakers and then removing the cable block from the fixed screw of the circuit breakers. 

  • Plug-installation method:

The plug-in method of installation resembles a socket and plug structure. The installation process has two parts, an installation base for plug-ins like a socket and a movable body like plugs. The plug-in installation has contact devices that consist of conductive rods and springs. The structure has contact devices that allow to plug and unplug conductive rods.

The plug-in installation method is ideal for circuit breakers with very low current specifications. In case of replacement of MCCBs, keep the circuit breaker in an open state. This ensures that the movable body is pulled out directly from the fixed base. You can easily do such alterations without any special kind of tool. One drawback of this installation method is that it is a bit inconvenient to handle manually. 

  • Withdrawable installation method:

The working principle of withdrawable devices is the same as that of plug-in devices. This mode of installation enables you to take out the MCCB whenever required. The structure of the withdrawable device is a little complicated. The fixed installation base and withdrawable circuit breaker body are the two parts of withdrawable devices. Once you install MCCB using this method, it can free you from the trouble of frequent repairs and replacements of the MCCB. 

Withdrawable circuit breakers have high specifications for current. The back of the MCCB has main contacts that are conductive. The contacts need to be fixed with a ground screw for installation. Two transmission brackets are used to hold the circuit breakers along both sides to ensure a perfect installation. 

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Clare Louise