Five cheapest places to purchase property in Dorset


In Bournemouth in the northern part is where the suburb of Moordown are located. Moordown became part of the borough of Bournemouth in 1901 after it has always been part of the Christchurch rural district. There are some historians who believe that Moordown may in fact be the longest continually settled area in all of Bournemouth. These beliefs are based on evidence which was discovered in 1873. Apparently almost 100 cremation urns similar to those used in the Middle Bronze Age was discovered in the Redbreast Hill area. Sadly, most of these priceless artifacts was completely ruined when exposed to air. Properties in this area can cost as little as £20,000 for a fast property sale.


The market town of Wimborne is located in Dorset. The church of England also has a place of worship in this town. Records which has been kept for decades indicates that the population of Wimborne is approximately 15,000 individuals. Wimborne is an attractive residential area which is close to two rivers namely the River Allen and the River Stour. It is only approximately 5 miles from Poole and furthermore, Wimborne is actually part of the South East Dorset conurbation. Properties can be purchased from approximately £38,000.


Portland is actually an island which covers an area of 2.7 x 6 km. It is located in the English Channel. It is relatively close to Portland Bill and it is located in the southernmost point of the county of Dorset. It is joined to the mainland by the Chesil barrier beach. You will find Portland just above the UNESCO Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. This is an area which is extraordinary beautiful with natural scenery and a somewhat wild element to the surrounding area. You can sell your property very quickly here from approximately £40,000.


In south-west Hampshire there is the market town of Ringwood lying along the River Avon. The surrounding towns and villages include places such as Southampton, New Forest and Bournemouth. This region was first settled by the Anglo-Saxons and since the Middle Ages there has always been a weekly market in Ringwood. It has an interesting history which involves King Edgar who gave 22 hides of land which was located in Rimecuda to Abingdon Abbey. This transaction was recorded in a charter of 961. Further mention is also made of Ringwood during the 10th century but here it is referred to as Rimucwuda or Runcwuda which roughly translates as border and wood. Properties can cost £54,000.


The town of Christchurch is located in Dorset which is a county which is lying on the south coast of England. Furthermore, the town of Christchurch covers no less than 19.5 mi.². It also has a sizable population numbering just below 50,000 people. Other towns and villages in the region is places such as New Forest and Bournemouth. Historically, Christchurch was part of the county of Hampshire. Furthermore, Christchurch used to be a borough which was lying with in the administrative county of Dorset between the years of 1974 and 2019 where after it became a part of the newly established Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole unitary authority. Properties can be purchased for £64,000.

Betty King