How Social Media Has Changed PR Firm Strategies

As social media gained popularity on the digital platform, it helped a lot in creating great opportunities and challenges for brands. It provided a great platform for the brands to interact with their potential customers directly and understand their requirements more closely. Social media provided great opportunities for PR firms as well, as it becomes quite easier for PR agencies to spread awareness about their client’s brands and services. But great things come with great responsibilities. As social media allow people to share their views openly on the market, brands have to deal with all kinds of negative and positive publicities. Hence, the responsibility of maintaining the reputation of the brand on various social media platforms becomes more important for PR experts. 

Let us check out how the introduction of social media changed PR strategies and make things a bit easier. 

  1. With the help of social media, brands got the opportunities to reach and interact with their target customers on various platforms. As social media provides various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. each one of them provides different opportunities for the brand. They help the consumers to deeply connect with the brand, understand its qualities, and allow them to clear their doubts. When the consumers get a response from someone important to the organization, they feel important as a customer and start trusting the brand and services offered by that organization. 
  2. Social media also provide the customers to share their opinion about the products and help others to know about the good or bad quality of it. They are also allowed to share the content on their profiles and like or comment about the product. This works in both positive and negative ways for the brand. Hence, it is the responsibility of the PR experts to acknowledge all the comments and suggestions given by the consumers on the platform. This is the facility provided only on social media platforms where you can interact with the audience in real-time and respond to their queries. This helps in saving any damage to the reputation of the brand if someone tries to post any negative comments on it. As everything is done in real-time, it becomes easy to handle things before it causes further damage to the reputation of the brand.
  3. Social media platforms are available 24×7 for all their consumers and with their easy accessibility, the brand owners can easily interact with their audiences at any point in time. There were days when consumers had to wait for the responses during business hours only. Social media has changed this way of working and creating an open platform where the consumers are allowed to ask any kind of query at any point in time and it allows brands as well to interact with their target audiences without waiting for business hours.

Social media has proved as a boon for PR services but it has to be handled carefully. When people interact 24×7 with the brands, they can also harm the reputation of the brand very easily. Hence, the PR experts are specialized in handling such situations. 


Jacob Jose