How to find the best free dummy online games for various sports

Before you start betting real money on sports, it’s wise to practice first with dummy online games. These simulated contests allow you to test your handicapping skills in a risk-free environment. But with so many options, how do you identify the best dummy games tailored to your sport of choice? Let’s go over some tips.

Research Your Sport

The first step understands the nuances of the sport you want to handicap. Is it a major league like the NFL with deep statistical resources? Or a niche competition like sumo wrestling with less data available? The more obscure the sport, the more legwork you’ll have to do yourself compiling background knowledge. Start building a framework around leagues, teams, and factors that contribute to winning.

Search sportsbook practice sections

They are ดัมมี่ได้เงินจริง sportsbooks offer some form of free-to-play contests, especially for major sports. These are accessible directly through the sportsbook site without any real money required. Browse the practice section of sportsbooks you’re considering signing up with to get a feel for their dummy wagering interfaces and available practice competitions.

Look for contests matching your interests

Dummy games can cover everything from picking pro game-winners against the spread to fantasy-style contests where you “draft” player teams. Search for practice competitions that align with your sports betting interests. For example, if you’ll be betting NBA over/under, find contests focused on choosing totals. This tailors the practice environment to your planned real betting.

Compare contest rules

While the core premise is the same, contest rules can vary. Study factors like number of entries allowed, scoring systems, buy-in fees for premium contests, length of competitions, pricing, and more. Some dummy games even mimic sportsbook odds and vig. Find contests with rules closest to your likely real betting scenarios.

Check available history and stats

The best practice games incorporate rich stats and data resources to sharpen your analysis. Review historical box scores, scoring trends, matchup records, and key metrics like yards per carry, shooting percentages, or batting averages. Dig into stats to identify predictive patterns you can exploit when handicapping future dummy outcomes.

Confirm mobile access

You’ll likely be betting sports from your phone, so make sure the dummy contests offer solid mobile experiences. Avoid clunky practice games only accessible on desktop. Quick access from anywhere lets you fit practice around your daily routine.

Read user reviews

Search for dummy game reviews on gambling forums and in app stores. User feedback often highlights strengths and weaknesses you can’t easily tell just from a cursory review. Make sure the contests have solid reputations and are known for reliably running as advertised.

Maximize multiple sites

Consider using multiple dummy games to get exposure to different contest types and betting models. This diversifies your practice. Just maintain the same bankroll approach across all sites so you learn proper money management. While it takes some searching, the best dummy games provide interactive fun plus the chance to build genuine betting skills. Approach practice like the job it is – the more hours you put in, the better prepared you’ll be once it’s time to start wagering real cash.

Erin Crawley