How To Create A Positive Work Environment? 

In the current workplace and society, most employees have to work overtime. While work has become more demanding, the average working hours have increased. Work never ends, yet there is no time for relaxation, sleep, or family. Due to the ever-increasing working hours, people cannot achieve a desirable balance between work and personal life.

However, a good work-life balance is essential to create a positive work environment (สภาพ แวดล้อม ใน การ ทํา งาน, which is the term in Thai).

Clutter-Free Workplace

The first room is a messy, untidy, or unorganized workplace, often a sign of stress in the workplace. The second scenario represents a clean, tidy, or organized office. There should be adequate space for the employees to do their work in this office. When there is enough space for the employees to work comfortably, this will lead to a positive work environment.

Conducive Working Environment

It can be a challenge to provide a positive working environment. To ensure productivity at the workplace, you must ensure that you provide. 

Health safety facilities, good lighting, amenities for the employees like canteens and provision of water source & hygiene and cleanliness, work from home option.


With the explosion of the information era and the internet, people are bombarded with constant work. The result is a lack of time for leisure, rest, and recreation, leading to decreased human life. The lack of balance between personal life and work has a massive impact on our future. 


Scheduling is one of the primary ways to organize the workday and ensure that we have enough time to do everything we need to do.

The ability to make commitments for a set amount of time and have those commitments honored is a big help in balancing work and personal life.

Take A Break

It would help if you took a break from technology to ensure that you are taking care of yourself. Technology is just a tool that can help you to increase productivity and efficiency, but at the same time, it can be overwhelming and cause stress. However, taking a break from technology will help you feel human again. So, take a day off now and then from technology. Go out and be with your family and friends.

Places To Work

There are currently many workspaces you can choose to carry out your work where you get to grow and network with other thought leaders in the community. These are as follows.

Coworking Space

There is something very appealing about working in a coworking space. It gives you the chance to be part of a community where you can meet people with similar goals and interests, share and get help from others, and be at the center of a bustling workplace with all amenities. In addition, working in a coworking space means that you will be able to balance out your work time and your leisure time. This will encourage you to stay more focused and productive at work.

Coffee Shop

Working in a coffee shop can be a nice place to work. It may be an excellent place to work in and have a break from the real world and still work at your own pace and without interruptions. It may allow you to be more creative than you may be able to be at home. 

Lozano Janet