Men’s jackets to shop for this season

Ideal for layering during the cold season, jackets for men are made from different materials like cotton or wool. Choosing the best jacket for you is not tough when you consider the basic factors while making a decision. The basic functionality of a jacket is to protect you from the cold and keep you warm and comfortable. The fabric is an important consideration, and some standard options include cotton, wool, nylon, polyester, and fleece. There are wide varieties, including hooded, waterproof, and lightweight, that are easy to carry and maintain. Here are some of the different types of men’s jackets to shop for this season.

Denim Jackets for men

A must-have in your wardrobe, the denim jacket will always be a good fashion choice. The denim jacket has existed for a long time, but they took off when they were first created  for railroad workers and cowboys. Perfect for casual wear and can be worn in summer with a t-shirt and during winter with a turtleneck and overcoat. Denim jackets for men are available in different colours, so choose the best fit that works for you.

Bomber Jackets for men

Also known as flight jackets, bomber jackets originated from the US Air Force’s requirement for durable, lightweight, and water-resistant jackets to be worn by crew members. It is a short jacket with a zipper on the front and has an elastic waist. Bomber jackets are a great casual pick and very comfortable too. Usually made from leather, they can also be found in nylon and other materials. Most contemporary brands stock a great collection of bomber jackets for men.

Leather Jackets for men

The first image that comes to your mind when someone mentions a leather jacket is of a biker with an expensive ride. A great style option paired with a simple t-shirt and jeans, leather jackets for men is contemporary and classic. The leather jacket is usually black but also available in shades of brown and many other variations.

Biker Jackets for men

Although the name suggests that a motorcyclist would wear this outfit, it is also a favourite for many non-bikers. Biker jackets for men are short, tight-fitting, and often embellished with zips and studs. The perfect choice for a rebellious look and if you want to make a strong style statement. Team them with denim jeans and a white t-shirt, and complete the look with boots. Made from tough leather and usually black, several brands have attempted to bring distinct aesthetics to the biker jacket. With a shirt and fitted silhouette, it is a fascinating piece of clothing that many men aspire to have in their closets.

Wrapping it up

A few varieties of jackets for men are listed above, but there are many more options, like puffer jackets, coach jackets, shearling jackets, windbreakers, and parkas, that you can choose from. The jacket is a convenient option for winter wear and oozes style. If Top Gun’s G-1 Navy flight leather jacket or James Bond’s Tom Ford Tuxedo jacket from the movie Spectre inspires you, invest in a jacket that matches your mood and is the right addition to your wardrobe. Jack & Jones happens to have these and many more so go ahead and check out their website right now!

Schreiner Smith