Top 4 Rolex Watches With Features & Price

Rolex is known for its classic and luxurious wristwatches that provide excellent features that enhance your status and personality. Rolex is a Universe of its own and holds a unique name in the world of wristwatches. It has a collection of watches that none of the companies has and presents a world-class product for its classy customers. So, giving you the top Rolex Watches Price (นาฬิกา Rolex ราคา, which is the term in Thai) and their feature.

4 Best Rolex Watches Price And Features

·       Rolex Submariner

Rolex introduces premium watch Rolex Submariner, a sport line watch designed for diving and fully waterproof and corrosion resistance that make it rough and tough to use. A mechanical watch with 60-minute graduations allows the diver to monitor the dive time.

The price starts at around $8,100, and the pre-owned price goes up to $9,100.

·       Rolex Sea-Dweller

It is a classy watch with unique features, a re-designed case, water and corrosion resistance, and a ceramic bezel. It is all similar to Submariner with a more flexible design.

Talking about its price, you have to pay around $11,700, and its pre-owned price is approximately $9,800 for 4 variations.

·       Rolex Explorer

This watch is one of Rolex’s best watches, which has existed for two decades and always ruled in the heart of the customer. And this time, the company came with a rearranged dial ‘Explorer” printed on it, and enthusiasts are still crazy about this watch.

Rolex offers 2 variants of this watch with an affordable Rolex Watches Price of $6,450, and the second hand of this watch can be purchased for $4,300.

·       Rolex Cosmograph

The new model has upped case, re-designed dial, and space-age sounding “Cosmograph.” This model has 14 variants whose price starts from $13,150, and the second-hand model costs up to $17,000.

History Of Rolex Classy Watches

It all started in 1905 in the trendy city of the United Kingdom, London. People wanted a solution to replace bulky watches with a pocket-size that could be handy and carried anywhere they wanted. Rolex was the company that came with the result and introduced its small size, a convenient watch that could be tied around the wrist.

The watch was fully mechanical, loaded with very tiny mechanical parts. And by the time Rolex is still manufacturing the same type of watches with better materials and achieved a big name in his field. Everyone prefers to have one in their ward draw because of the Rolex-built quality.

Erin Crawley